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How to Be a Cholo !

A Cholo is a Mexican gangster (aka, Vato Loco). These days, it seems many people would like to be a Cholo, so they can lean like a Cholo and dress like a Cholo on Easter. This is the definitive guide to becoming a Cholo, so all those eses' recognize that you are properly representing la raza.



1. Look like a Cholo. To do this you'll need to buy yourself some Cholo clothes. Buy Dickies. Get them two sizes larger than you would usually wear. For example:if your 32x30,get your pants 34x30. Get Dickies double knee and a little bigger. Pants colors should be: khaki, black, blue, navy, grey, or brown. Also, wear knee-high white socks with a pair of khaki shorts. The shorts should be baggy enough to reach the ankles or you will end up looking like a soccer player.

2. Buy some plain tee's, striped polo's, and some short sleeved button shirts. Shirts don't need to be too big, but you can wear bigger shirts if you want to, if you do make sure there two sizes bigger than you wear. Colors for shirts: black, blue, dark green, white, grey, brown, and beige. Also, invest in lowrider brand clothing and in the winter wear plaid flannel jackets. When wearing the flannel shirt make sure it matches the dickies and shoes. Button the very top two buttons only. Also buy Solo Semore brand clothing and a black beanie pulled over your eyes.

3. Make sure that your shoes do not slip off easily, you should be able to run without worrying about them slipping off. Get some tight shoes like Lugz or Cortezes. Make sure you get a wide variety of colors to go with your clothes. Usually a white pair of Cortezes and a yellow pair of Lugz works well.

4. Get in shape. A Cholo has to be able to run, jump and look good for the ladies, so do at least 50 push-ups and 50-100 sit-ups a day.

5. Act like a Cholo. Don't back down from anyone who disrespects you. Keep your chin up and stare down everyone. Don't move out of the way for anyone while you're walking, unless it's a lady or a homie, shove them out of the way. Be mean and aggressive to those you don't like. But most important thing is never back down to anyone! To do this you need to know how to fight of course.

6. Talk like a Cholo. This means talk Spanglish (mixing Spanish and English words in sentences). Say a few words in English then a few words in Spanish or vise versa. Also add "vato" or "foo" AND "WAY" or "ese" to the end of your sentences. When speaking English use a Spanish accent. Also don't say some words completely. When you're shouting out to your homies, say "hoye carnal", "horale vato", "simon ese", "whats up homes", "this is firme homie", and "simon que si". If you have a girl call her your hiyna or your sancha. Call other girls mihiga. These don't really mean anything specific, but be sure to use a Spanish accent.


  • Get some Cholo music, like Duende, Juan Gotti, Hi-Power Soldiers, Soilder Ink, Low Profile, Brownside, Kinto Sol, Lil Rob, or South Park Mexican A.K.A. [S.P.M].Mr.Capone-e, Mr. Sancho, Knightowl, Dont forget Kid Frost
  • If you don't know anything, don't say anything.
  • Make sure you've got some back up.
  • To challenge someone, yell out "Wasup foo? Wanna Throw down or what!"
  • Every cholo needs to have at least 1 pair of Chucks (Converse) in the closet.
  • Representa tu cultura.
  • End your sentence with "ese" or "orale"
  • Get yourself a pair of Maddogger shades or someo lockz homie, that will do it for sure ese, one of the most important accessories of the Cholo look.
  • Remember that family is before EVERYONE. Homies or even the ladies. Don't fight with your mom even if she kicks you out of the house. You got to remember that she raised you. The same goes with your dad. And anyone else(cousins,aunt,uncles,stuff like that)
  • Get cholo haircuts like fades, Ducktails, Mongol tops, slickbacks, or the most wicked cholo haircut, a shaved head.
  • For a 1940's lowrider/pachuco look wear really loose dress khaki's with suspenders and a flannel shirt ,a polished pair of Stacy adams, long wallet chains,and an old fashioned fedora hat or slicked back hair.
  • Don't walk around with the wrong color unless you are ready for a beat down ese.
  • The best way to hook up with a hyna is to do it the chicano way, " Wassup, que paso, you wanna go for a cruise in my low low". See, any other race will take it wrong, but if you ask a latina that, she'll take it as a complement.
  • When looking for a chola, always look at attitude. If she rude to boys and has that firme class; poofed hair, darker makeup, tom-boyish clothes, has the firme accsent like "orale, Simon, ese y esa, and says homegirl and homeboy, then you found a firme ruka. ORALE